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Buys: Laniege BB Cream and a Japanese Sewing Magazine

Posted on: October 19, 2010

First day of work at iRoo, I just realised my job is not as simple as just merchandising. Its getting more fun than that.

Went to Kinokuniya to buy Burdastyle at the first place, but this Japanese sewing magazine caught my eyes.


Apparently their circulation is in between seasons. Hope to get the Spring 2010 and Summer 2010 edition when I visit Kino again.

Why I bought FEMALE over Burdastyle:

– Burdastyle carries alot of words which are too technically for me to digest

– FEMALE has alot of interesting pictures and step by step instruction guide to each patterns, even though its in Japanese, its still easy to follow

– FEMALE only costs $11.30, Burdastyle costs $19.80

– Burdastyle carries too many amateur patterns, while Im still a novice

Some patterns that Im eagered to try out once I get my sewing machine, fabrics and accessories next month:

Long-Sleeve Dress

Boyfriend Blazer – Im gonna choose a lightweight material for adapting to local weather conditions.

Paper Bag Skirts. Easiest of all patterns, good for novice like me.

Love their step by step guide, which covers everything from copying patterns to sewing tips.

After my work ended at 6pm, went to Takashimaya to buy my long-awaited Laniege BB Cream:

Retail price at Counter : $49

Caught info of this BB cream on a taiwan fashion magazines, introduced greatly by some makeup maestro. Shall try it tomorrow!


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